“Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Mud and Rainbows”

Howard took pride in being able to fix things and situations until he learned he couldn’t help his friend Ali whose parents were separating. He learned he can not fix everything, just change the way he thinks and feels about things. A simple, basic approach to the Serenity Prayer. Tips and lessons are included. Educator and counselor endorsed.


0:00 – Animated Book

4:05 – Sing-along Song

7:10 – Yes/No Lesson

9:35 – “Poster” (lesson bullets)


Created by the We Do Listen Foundation

Reverend Ana

Howard Binkow

Book Illustration: Susan F. Cornelison

Animation Illustrator: David A. Cutting, Cheryl Elliott

Animation Director – Animator & Editor: Cheryl Elliott

Song: David Friedman

Narrator: Harry Legg

Character Voices:

George Sachs-Walor

Rachel Butera

Web Support: http://www.wedolisten.org

Copyright © Howard Binkow Living Trust

All rights reserved

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